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Sample Essay

Following allegations of deceptive advertising regarding the Yaz oral contraceptive and non-disclosure of safety risks associated with Baycol, Bayer’s director of communications wishes to issue a statement to address the issue. This paper highlights the manner in which the director of communication attempts to restore Bayer’s reputation.

Since Bayer defied the terms of the 2007 contract by failing to disclose the FDA approved uses of their oral contraceptive, the director hereby requires that the company publish the uses of Yaz as approved by the FDA. This is aimed at relieving tension amongst the population regarding the safety of company contraceptives. Likewise, the situation would require the advertising folks to submit any Yaz contraceptive ad to the FDA for approval before airing it on national TV, radio or online. This would in turn reassure young ladies and women of the safety of the Yaz contraceptive. As such, the office of the director of communication will serve as an oversight body to curb deceptive advertising of ‘sensitive products.’ (Dylan 3)

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