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Sample Essay – Roman Architecture

3 works cited

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Abstract: Rome is a city with a rich past and a good architectural background. It has the world’s most exquisite buildings today which have been standing for centuries.

Before the birth of the Christ, Rome was a city which was doing very well. It grew and did well and prospered and it emerged into a Republic which flourished and blossomed. Just like any other culture, the culture of Rome too changed and its buildings and architecture became quite impressive and detailed.

The Romans spent a great deal of time and energy in developing brilliant buildings, ideas and technology. The achievements of the engineers and architects of Rome were exceptional, and the buildings that were built by these architects still exist today.

Having borrowed knowledge from the people of Greece, the Romans were able to create exquisite buildings, many of which consisted of huge architectural structure, attributes which related to buildings and most of all a legacy which would influence the buildings which were to come at a later stage (Cornell and Matthews).

Legend states that Rome was found in 753 BC by people who were shepherds. It was situated at a perfect location; on the Tibet River along the 7 hills which was located 15 miles from the Mediterranean Sea in what is presently known as Italy. It developed in a perfect location and it was from here that Roman rule began to spread through the peninsula (Italian). This was because of the strength of the military of the Romans and due to their diplomacy (Cornell and Matthews).

The very first people to have settled in Rome were…

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