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Sample Essay

The next level of security on an Ethernet LAN that a network manager has to take measures for is concerned with the MAC layer. The security of the management protocols employed at this layer can easily be breached by an attacker. Such attacks can lead to short delays or lost frames or even sniffing of a great deal of data by the attacker. The network manager therefore has to ensure that a MAC Security protocol, such as 802.1AE is implemented. If there is a WLAN, then the network administrator has to ensure that 802.11i protocol is properly being followed as this protocol offers sufficient wireless network security.
Apart from all the technical measures like ensuring protocols and installing protection software, the network manager should have an Information Security Policy document and ensure that it is circulated to all users within the organization and is being followed by them. The importance of having such a policy in place can be perceived from the findings of the 2008 Global Information Security Workforce Study, conducted by Frost and Sullivan. They surveyed 7,548 information security pros worldwide. Fifty-one percent of the respondents said internal employees pose the biggest threat to their organizations. Along with the focus on internal threats, respondents in the survey view security awareness as critical for effective security management. Forty-eight percent said that users following information security policy was the top factor in their ability to protect an organization.” (Savage, 2008.)
In this modern world, mobility is becoming a necessity. Hence a major part of the workforce is going mobile, posing greater security threats to internal business information and network security. Network managers have to be more focused on data protection.

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