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Children and the love for junk food go hand in hand. The easiest way to feed children is to provide them junk food and you won’t ever have problems. However, the fact that remains debatable is whether junk food is actually a good meal for children or not. A lot of discussions have been going on debating whether to sell junk food to children in schools or not.

To start off with, let us consider the nutritional value that junk food is able to provide to the children. By definition, junk food is that food which is high in fat and oil content and relatively low in nutritional aspects. Children love this food simply because it appeals to their taste buds. These foods are high in fat and sugar contents and in my opinion selling such snacks at school is not really a smart idea.

Children spend a significant time of the day at schools and having lunch is hence an essential part of the time spent in school.  Hence it should be made sure to provide such meals to children which are high in nutrition. My point is not the complete abandonment of junk food but to replace a significant portion of it with healthy food. This would leave no choice for the students but to consume the healthy food while there would still remain an option for them to purchase junk food as well in order to satisfy their junky taste buds.

Such measures are necessary because excessive consumption of junk food poses a serious threat to the lives of children. A research has revealed that children who consume more of the oily, fatty and sugary food are found to be less intelligent than ones whose diets are more balanced and healthier. These foods are also a major cause of obesity among children which is a rising issue of concern for parents across the globe.  Lack of vital nutrients also brings about other health problems.

Hence, it lies in our hands to control the issues before their consequences become way more drastic than they are. Children should also be given awareness and shown real life stories of the adverse effects of junk food consumption.

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