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Sample Essay

One of the themes that consistently reflects in William Shakespeare’s novel A Midsummer Night’s Dream is that of love. He in his novel has brought to light the various shades of love; it is passionate at times and sublime at others, defies logic at some occasion and is reasonable on the other hand.

The story of this novel revolves around Hermia and her love Lysander. They are madly in love and their love has no selfish motives behind it. It is simple, devoted and innocent. Hermia’s father however finds their love immature and just terms it as youth’s folly. He believes Hermia is not mature and sensible to choose her own life partner and he alone can do the best job of it. At several places in the novel, he can be found blaming Lysander for putting a love spell over Hermia and intelligently getting her under him by talking love and emotional talks with her.  Here Shakespeare has very beautifully portrayed the various human emotions. He has shown how Hermia’s father’s envy for Lysander is due to the fact that his presence has turned Hermia against her father. The obedience Hermia always showed to her father and which had now vanished in case of her wish of marrying Lysander was bothering her father and making him feel less important. Her father wants her to get married to Demetrius as it, according to him is the most sensible and practical choice. Although Demetrius is all ready, Hermia dismisses this proposal for obvious reason of her love for Lysander.

The idea of tying Demetrius and Hermia together mainly reflected that it is solely money and status behind this arrangement. It seemed like a business deal and was again an elegant reflection of the selfish motives and the lack of importance of love in front of evils like social status etc.

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