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The explosion of the tin boxes when thrown in the fire was responsible for the serious injury to sight that Hoover suffered. Despite the warning that those were explosives, Hoover and the friend, Sampson are minors and therefore should be secure from such explosives. Varner is therefore the cause of the injury even though directly. The breach of care on the part of the Varner’s, the negligence and the failure to comply to several obvious codes of safety regarding storage of flammable materials all point at Varner being the cause.

Hoover has suffered damage. The eye injury along with the exposure to danger points at damages. The damages have come from the shortfalls of Varner Company and exposed not just hoover but a number of his friends to harm too. In this case the damages are of a physical nature (eye injury). A suit on personal injury could be launched by the hoovers. The other parties can also be enjoined in a civil suit.

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