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The sun is the major and perhaps the only source of light available to earth. It is estimated that about half of the energy (47% to be precise) released by the sun reaches the earth out of which one third is reflected back into space and the remaining is retained.

Keeping in mind the depleting resources and the exhausting energy sources available to us, it is the need of the time to save most of energy for future use. The solar energy that we receive each day and free of cost can prove to be beneficial for this purpose. In this regard, a method needs to be determined by means of which the sun’s energy can be stored. The reason for this is that solar energy is available only during the day and in order to make use of it during the night some mechanism of its storage needs to be used.

Storage mechanisms imply that solar power be converted to some other form. One way to retain it is to heat up water by means of solar panels. However, this is not something that can be used on industrial scale. Solar furnaces are the devices used that trap the sun’s heat in such a manner that it produces temperatures intense enough to change water into steam. This is a very effective method at industrial levels as the steam produced causes generators and other machinery to operate. The working principle of a solar furnace is simple. It has mirrors and lenses and gathers sunlight from a large area and by means of the lenses focuses it into a small space thus making it more concentrated.

Hence solar energy can be the future if utilized smartly and efficiently. It is available free of cost, in abundance and on a daily basis and the only investment required is on the devices that store this energy. More and more innovation is being done by using solar energy like solar lights and solar cars etc which all operate by gathering the sun’s energy. Coal, gas etc are rapidly exhausting energy sources and solar energy replacement is not only economically viable but also environmentally more suitable as it causes less pollution.

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