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Sample Essay

Manufactures of baby products have utilized the fact that babies tend to stop fussing in presence of sounds that are assumed lead the baby into womb memories. They have therefore come up with gadgets that are designed to produce certain humming, low-pitched and monotonous for that matter (William and Martha, 2011). Such gadgets produce ‘white noise’, which is repetitive and calm with increasing decrescendos and crescendos. These sound patterns are periodic, repeating every 60 to 70 pulses every minute and are audible to the human ear.

The use of such gadgets is known to calm babies down and induce sleep after sometime. William and Martha (2011) assert that they also keep the baby busy listening to them and destructing their mind from thinking about crying or remembering their agonies. Home based procedures can be derived from the surroundings with tap water being a preferable choice. Releasing tap water and letting it drip with some pitch may attract the babies attention and induce sleep. Other tools found at home and can be used for similar purposes include bathroom fan, a tickling wall clock and a vacuum cleaner .

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