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Sample Essay – Spirituality and action

Culliford and Powell (2005) show that the teachings of spirituality often encourage the followers to undertake actions and make the teachings of the same practical. This is because of the need to practice and be able to develop a spiritually acceptable way of living. Without practicing what they are taught, Bouma (2006) shows that grasping the concept and inculcating it in their behavior and character can be very difficult.

Safran (1993) affirms that human nature is characterized by a high level of forgetfulness that can only be effectively curbed through practice. Additionally, spiritual activities enable the followers to experiment and appreciate the outcomes of the theoretical teachings. Furthermore, these activities keep them busy and as such they hardly find time to engage in activities that are destructive and unhealthy. Above all, in his study Strupp (1996) argues that these activities often enhance social cohesion because of the fact that they yield tangible results.

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