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Sample Essay

Steinbeck also describes marine life with similes. The skirts wave like dresses of Spanish dancers and hermit crabs like frantic children scamper on the bottom sand; these similes are used to show that there is a lot of excitement in sea life. There is also a sign of life and happiness. Whistling buoy bellows like a sad and patient bull and as ferociously as a charging cat signifies a lot of danger and terrifying environment in the sea. Moving like a gray mist and the anemones expand like soft and brilliant flowers indicate that there is a bit of human ability of using skills to find their daily food.

Marine life is also described by use of active verbs. The words tears and break are used in description of marine life to illustrate how dangerous life in the sea is. It shows that there are some terrifying activities going on in the sea. Other active verbs used are rush, scamper, whip in, oozes, flows and squat to demonstrate lively activities going on in marine life. It is an indication interesting marine life.

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