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Through workers’ unions, the people of Venezuela are able to ensure that they have better working conditions and remunerations. The president supports the workers fully as well as the armed forces. This ensures that the people especially the poor have channels to communicate with the leadership of the country. However there exist opponents of the president’s policies and they argue that he pushing Venezuela to oblivion because of what he believes in. Other opponents believe that Chavez is a sympathizer of Fidel Castro and that is the reason why he wants to Cubanize Venezuela by bringing Castro’s ideologies to their country.

All the people in any given society can never accept changes that are enacted in any organization. Most people want to operate with the conditions that they are used to and this is the reason why the management of most state owned companies in Venezuela are against the changes. The management sees that the changes are limiting their powers, which they have been enjoying for a long time. However, workers are happy because they see it a chance of improving their working conditions.

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