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Sample Essay

There are certain important aspects of the Asian culture and demographics which make it an attractive market for the global operators and at the same time could create certain problems for the Tata organization. The Asian market is still not as developed as the Western market as certain areas are still as stringent in following their local traditions and customs as ever and that has meant that for global companies to come in and expand their business is not a possibility. In reference to the local Indian market and Tata’s relationship, there are certain integral factors which need to be considered when regaling the success or failure of the strategy of the Tata organization.

The Indian market is a diverse mix and represents people from diverse backgrounds and cultural differences are quite rampant. The majority of the local population lives below the poverty line or is not in an economic position to afford the products of Tata which could become an issue for Tata especially at a time when its global presence is facing stiff competition from the European and the US manufacturers.

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