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The author adds that technology does not necessarily drive a firm into attaining a competitive edge, not unless the firm in question selects the suitable system for the right purpose. For example, a manager would not be in his right mind if he goes ahead and implements an EDI system without understanding clearly how it is supposed to carry out the numerous operations in his company.

Ideally, technology offers numerous systems all designed to undertake different processes in any business setup. In that respect, one may notice that a specific system is working wonders when implemented in a manufacturing firm, but the opposite of this might be achieved if the same system is implemented in a hospital set up. In general, as a consultant adviser of such a hospital set up it would be best to carry out a detailed analysis by evaluating the numerous processes which need to be accomplished, so as to unleash or advice the stakeholders on the ideal system to go for. Therefore, this aspect should be on the top list in the strategic initiative plan.

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