Essay writing is an anxiety aggravating experience for many students. No one during high school or college seems to love the idea to write essays as it is a complicated activity where room for mistakes is too little. College professors often enjoy watching their students struggle with essay writing assignments. In some cases even the students who turn out to be good at essay writing struggle with choosing an appropriate topic to write. Therefore they too face similar situations in form of rejection and criticism from the professors. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the topics that students must avoid in order to have their essays not criticized or rejected. Below are some useful points for you to read.

Essays on Religion

Unless you are a theology student and have no other way than to write essays on theology it is best advised in such circumstances to avoid a number of topics on religion. You may not be a scholar or someone who can really argue on sensitive issues pertaining to religion thus; in the process chances of hurting the sentiments of people associated with a particular religion are obvious. Therefore, the best thing to do is to completely avoid such kind of topics.

Essays on Politics

This is another one topic that you should avoid. Politics can evoke lot of negative emotions among people and may lead to an untoward incident. Similarly, in this situation unless you have to write on politics being a student of political science it is best advised to avoid this topic.

Essays on……

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