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Sample Essay

Transcendence simply means to go beyond or to transcend the mind, especially the human mind. It has been argued that what exists in the mind is logical and ontological. Therefore, there are some realities that exist in the mind, there are those realities that exist outside the mind and there are those realities that the mind cannot conceive unless aided by a supreme being. This translates to divinity or extreme objectivism. Considering this fact, morality is believed by some proponents to belong to a certain authority such that we as human beings take in participation. The doctrine of participation for Plato gives no room for morality as a human affair but as something acquired from the World of Ideas.

He notes that virtue in its perfect from exists in the world of perfect realities and other realities have s hare of it in their different capacities. Therefore, morality which is virtue per se is only part and parcel of humanity in participation. Thomas Aquinas echoes this assertion when he says that a human being as a rational creature can maneuver its ways. In addition, it shares in eternal reason and this participation of the eternal law in human beings is called the natural law (2008). Natural law is a major topic in morality and many moralists have recommended it in any efforts in legislation. It is a pillar in the law-making processes as it acts as the basis of good laws. As can be seen from Aquinas assertion, natural law is a share of the eternal law identified with a Supreme Being, which many call God. Therefore, if eternal law is identified with God; and that man’s natural law is a share of this eternal law, it can be drawn from the two premises that man’s natural law is identified with God, however, by way of limitation.

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