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Whether you enter a high school or take admission in a college, you are likely to encounter a variety of students each one different from the other in terms of his or her behavior, inclination and outlook on matters. Considering all such diversities, one can classify the students into three major categories namely the jocks, nerds and the normal ones. Let us now take a look at each of these categories and study their characteristics.

The first type namely the Jocks comprise the carefree kind of students who are more into everything else other than studies. For them, academics have the lowest priority and they perform all their assignments at the last minute and more than often score quite below average. Life for them is all about enjoyment, parties, dating or fashion.  These students have the least focus on the lectures and this shows in their performance as well.

The second category of students is one that is completely opposite to the first category. They are called nerds and life for them revolves around studies and only studies. They usually pay no attention to the way they are dressed and have least knowledge of fashion. Their entire focus is their studies and consequently they perform extremely well in all the examinations and assessments and are among the toppers in the class.

While the students in the first two categories stand at the two extremes, the category of normal students as the name suggests is the neutral category.  These students know how to enjoy life as well as perform well in academics. They take classes regularly, do their assignments in time and with effort, perform well in assessments and also party and enjoy life with friends, hang out, date, go shopping and watch movies.

In the end it can be said that no educational institution is complete without these different kinds of students in it. This is what adds value and diversity to any place and adds to an individual’s knowledge and experience of human interaction. However, every student should try to take a practical approach towards all matters of life. It’s good to party and enjoy life but this should not be made the focal point of life. One must understand the importance of education and performing well in it and must pay adequate attention to that as well.

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