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Sample Essay

Pluralism frame of reference is describe as a view point that that views employee relation as place of a corporate unity mirrored in a single focus of loyalty and authority. In this regard, the managers have to accept the existence of rival sources of attachment and leadership. More importantly, rival sources of attachment and leadership need to be accepted by managerial position holder who is entrusted to rule the plural society (Edwards 1995).

Unitarism is a view point that suggests employee relations to be seen in terms of a unitary system that has one focus of loyalty and one source of authority, thus suggesting the team analogy (Edwards 1995; Fox 1966). In this regard, the main question remains that of what are expectations of a functioning team of employees and pattern of their behavior in relation to expectations. Thus, in a unitarism frame employees are expected to strive jointly aiming at achieving a common goal, with each utilizing his or her ability to achieve that goal. Moreover, employees are expected to accept his or her place in his or her function gladly, and follow the guidance and leadership of the one who is appointed. In addition, in a unitary frame the employee body act as a single unit with no opposing groups or leaders with members owing allegiance to the own selected leaders only.

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