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Sample Essay

In order to highlight crucial information from the data collected. Since qualitative research would be done. This method of research demands that qualitative data analysis be done for better results. Data analysis would be done using a number of data analysis instruments. Tables, pie charts and bar graphs would be the major tools used in the representation of the data analyzed during the research process.

Percentages would mainly be used in the display of the information during the data analysis place. Inverse transformation would be used for analysis in situations where there are wide variations in the collected data. The levels of variation in the collected would be analyzed using both the ordinal and the nominal variables (Gibbs, 2002).

The qualitative data, which is the data that is normally gathered in non numeric forms which include interview transcripts, documents studies in the libraries, questionnaires field and other secondary forms of data would be done. To ensure that more efficient and effective way of analyzing data is done, the collected data would be placed in subgroup based on the profession of the respondents, their gender, areas of origin, their age bracket, sporting activity and the drugs that are likely to be being abused. The electronic data collected would be given preference of analysis over the hard copy data collected due to the likely importance of the data collected using electronic means.

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