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Sample Essay – Working With Others

Under the section, “Working With Others”, I discovered that I have average listening skills. I had a score of a score of 47. This according to Pearson Education (2008) is considered to be average and thus I come out as an individual who is willing to listen to others but not very willing.

I also took a test to analyze my leadership style and qualities under the “What’s My Leadership Style” tab. Here, my score for concern for people and that for the concern for task were equal.

These two were rated at a score of 6. These results indicated that as much as I must ensure that the tasks are completed in time, I also have in mind the consideration of the people who are working on the tasks.

Thus, according to Pearson Education (2008), having such a leadership style will ensure a happy mood at the workplace. The workers will feel that they are catered for their needs and thus will be more motivated to complete the tasks in time.

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