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Sample Essay

Advertising is the backbone of the marketing world and has a significant impact on our everyday lives. From the cars we drive to the shampoos we use, from the food we eat to the property we buy- it’s all incomplete and fruitless without advertising adding life to it, bringing in more and more potential consumers and buyers.

Advertising is a war between brands in having the best strategy to declare their product as the most successful and ultimate best in the market. Whether it’s a television commercial or a magazine advertisement, the picture painted by the brands is more than often unrealistic.  For example in the brand war of cars, the commercial for Volvo stresses that a person who doesn’t drive a Volvo doesn’t have a class while Cadillac commercial says no car can be elegant unless it’s a Cadillac.

Another strategy incorporated in the advertising campaign is the representation of the brand in a manner that can most effectively engage the audience. In this domain, most of the clothing brands like Jordache or Calvin Klein use models that also look good and are ultra thin and this consequently attracts masses to these brands.

And how can one forget all the advertising done for the food we eat. While one emphasizes on bringing us the flavors we like to eat, some other brand highlights the use of best for health ingredients to a third brand boasting of their supremely friendly service.  Whether it’s the love for flavors, or health conscious approach or a friendly environment, with all of the varied tactics to captivate the consumers, one is sure to get hooked to at least one of the brands for good.

To conclude, there is no possible running away from the advertisement world. We are driven by them and they are always affecting our choices and decisions whether consciously or unconsciously.

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