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Sample Essay – Third World 

The coherence of such a group was necessarily dependent on the presence of a common enemy. It was a negative unity: politically, against colonialism; in economic terms, solidarity between the ‘proletarian nations’ in opposition to the developed ones (Singh, 2005).

Theorists of the counter-revolutionary school of the 1980’s such as Bauer, have viewed the Third World and therefore the instituting of ‘development’ as having been created psychologically out of guilt for colonisation and out of the fact that all these regions receive foreign aid.

They argued then that since in their view, the West was not responsible for their poverty, and that the aid did not actually help, it was all a figment of the imagination and so the Third World could not really exist.

Conversely, Toye perceptively believed that this is not true since, just because it is a creation of the mind, it does not mean we can just let it go; you only have to look at all the conflicts that exist, the people’s need to be part of a strapping and larger entity to see “(the Third World) is the product of… our malfunction in our present multifaceted position’ (Newsom, 2006). The Third World can be seen to generally exist, then, in this psychological and so political sense.

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