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If I am asked to evaluate myself as a writer I would turn out to be quite critical of myself. I have never really thought of myself as a good writer. Writing always seemed like something only those people could do who were wither very learned, knowledgeable, had an immensely huge vocabulary or held PhD degrees.

Since a long time in my life I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would be able to write things as decently as I do now. It’s actually a fear and once you start writing, things automatically become clear and you tend to get aware of your strong points and weaknesses. Teachers play a very important role in this as you can conveniently show them your writing samples and they would point out the necessary adjustments needed to make it better.

Coming to my writing abilities, I feel that my vocabulary at times get limited and I find it hard to express something in more than one ways. I have to sit for hours and devise proper sentences which sometimes makes me feel I am not fit for the job but trust me, all that comes naturally with every writer. Everyone who writes goes through a writer’s block where you start off with something but lose your way in the mid and don’t know what to write further. Other instances of it involve you wanting to write but just not figuring out at topic to write on. It’s all natural and time gets you over it.

If asked to point out some strengths of my writing, I would first of all mention the slight touch of humor that I often add to my writings. It certainly adds a lot of value to my write-ups. Also a strong sense of organization reflects from my writings. It doesn’t look like a piece of paper with random unconnected ideas but a proper perspective is reflected.

In short, anyone can be a writer and it requires no extraordinary skills and helps one unwind as it is a great medium to vent out your inner thoughts.

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