Essay writing is something that not many students enjoy doing. The moment an essay has been assigned to write students often put it aside only to be completed some other time. Avoidance is not an appropriate solution to write essays as it only aggravates anxiety related to writing essays. The best solution is to start working on essay writing immediately to avoid getting overwhelmed later when the deadline comes nearer. This article will discuss some of the core problems that students often face when writing essays. Keep reading the article to discover some of the common problems of essay writing.

Choosing Topic

Essay writing is not something that one can get over within a matter of few hours. It requires step by step efforts and approach to complete the writing process. The main problem starts with choosing a topic that a student is interested in. Most of the time students select a topic that they do not find very interesting and end up complaining and making excuses since they find very little information on the topic.

Doing Research

Once there is a topic to write an essay on another problem starts i.e. doing research and finding authentic information on the selected topic. It takes so much time, effort and energy that it bores most student to death if there topic is not interesting.




Not Knowing the Purpose

Writing a good essay requires one to know the purpose of writing i.e. is the essay written to communicate information or persuade the audience. If the purpose is not clear students end up making a complete mess.

Writing the Essay

Lastly, once sufficient information has been gathered the writing problem arises next. Many students lack writing skills and find it difficult to express themselves clearly and purposefully.

Since essay writing cannot be avoided at any cost the only solution to all these problems is to practice essay writing more and more to make things much easier.

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