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Sample Essay

“School massacre leaves fifteen people dead with twenty-three wounded. The two gunmen were dead at Columbine High in a small town Littleton, Denver (Colorado). Suspects were “fascinated” with W.W.II and the Nazis.” April 20, 1999 Hitler’s Birthday” (Devitt, 2007).

This story is broadcasted all over the news, flashing from one screen to the next, from one country to another. It arouses a lot of resentment by the society for the current youth. The society is led by the media to believe that youth are violent, dangerous and harmful. The reports by the media are true about the crime committed above. However, is their branding of all youth as being violent really appropriate? The reports given by most media houses about youth violence are usually exaggerated. This arouses a sense of fear in the public about their insecurity. However, in as much as we condemn youth violence in every way possible, it is fair to say that youth violence is not as pervasive as reported by the media (Wendy, 2000).

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