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Are we all born different or is it our upbringing that creates that difference? What’s up with the huge variety of people, each one different from the other existing in this world of ours? Were we all same when we were born? Some believe it is the environment that each one lives in which makes them who they are. Others say it’s hereditary; that what we are, our habits and behaviors are actually passed on to us genetically.

In my opinion it is the surroundings as well as some genetics that make us the person we are. A lot of children are observed to be very different from their parents but in one or two habits they are exactly like anyone of their parent.

As we are born, our minds are like clean slates. It is only our physical appearance and facial features at those times that resemble that of our parents. As we grow up and witness the behaviors of those around us with others, their living and talking styles, we start adopting them. Upon reaching what is called the time of youth, we gather enough sensibility from those around us and places like our school, friends’ circle, siblings etc that we start getting choosy about people and begin to judge their acts as right or wrong and decide whether to implement them in our lives or not.  However, it must be mentioned here that some characteristics do get transferred genetically as well such as often children are very aggressive by nature and sometimes it is said that they have inherited it from some family member. Also, the standard of living also defines what we become. If you are from a rich family, you tend to interact and socialize with people of such class only and hence your personality and thoughts shape up the same way.

In short, environment plays an extremely significant role in making a person’s personality either positively or negatively. But at the same time, genetics play their part too which in some cases is significant and in others is not.

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