Term paper writing is one of the most common academic assignments students get to write. Sometimes what most students find difficult about writing term papers is to figure out where things should be placed in a term paper. A properly structured and well organized term paper can increase the chances of getting a high grade. On the other hand, if the essential parts of a term paper do not fall in the right places than it may confuse the readers and lead to messed and haphazard writing. Every term paper no matter what academic discipline or topic has some essential parts that must be there to make a term paper worth reading. This article provides some essential parts that every term paper consists of. Keep reading the article to find out the essential parts of a term paper.


It consists of brief background information about the topic and its importance. It states why the readers should read the term paper and what benefits they can draw from it. It consists of a thesis statement that serves as the purpose of a term paper and tells the readers its significance. Moreover, an introduction is a microcosm of the entire term paper. It should engage the readers thoroughly and must be written in an appealing way as to evoke curiosity among the readers.

Methodology and Brief History

A brief history related to the topic is important as it helps explain the readers how your research work fills in the gaps of research and knowledge. Whereas, methodology refers to the methods you opted for to gather information about the topic. You provide brief information on how you approached the term paper and reached a final conclusion about the topic.


A body is meat of any term paper. It is the most important part of a term paper as it is where you attempt to answer the questions posed by the hypothesis. You provide relevant arguments along with supportive facts and figures as evidence to prove or disprove your point. This is the longest segment of a term paper and it must be direct and to the point without any elements of irrationality and irrelevant ideas.


This is where you eventually sum up your term paper by restating the thesis statement. In addition it should tell the readers why they read you term paper. It should be clear and distinctive as to make readers remember it.

Provide all the sources and references you used while writing the term paper. This is very important as it can save you from being blamed of plagiarism.

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