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This term paper discusses ethnical issues in United States.

The observations of Omi and Winant that race is “an unstable and ‘decentered’ complex of social meanings constantly transformed by political struggle.” they use the expression racial formation to refer to the procedure by which social, economic and political forces establish the substance and significance of racial groupings, and by which they are in sequence formed by racial meanings. Critical to this formulation is the management of race as a “central axis” of social associations, which cannot be considered under or condensed to some broader category or concept. In the context of the question of race it gradually became important, as slavery became a norm, it was not present from the time of colonization.

To them racial meanings encompass US society, widening from the shaping of individual racial personality to the construction of collective political action in the environment of the state. An approach based on the concept of racial formation should treat race in the United States as a fundamental organizing principle of social relationships.

Malcolm Gladwell on the other hand symbolizes how outsiders like Jamaicans or other people from Caribbean are treated differently in United States. This in his view because members of this expanded population will not, and do not, see themselves as “black” in the African-American sense. Many, if not most of these newcomers, tend to deal with things not on emotional basis, the notion of race included. For them, race is almost irrelevant; Immigration, diverse heritages and new perspectives on social conventions have changed things irreversibly. However as in the case of Canada shows that the treatment of Jamaicans there is very different from United States.

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