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The article by Collin-Jacques and Smith (2005) discusses the new trend of telemedicine related particularly to nursing call centers. The main purpose of the term paper is to evaluate specialized call centers, which are being used increasingly to aid patients from distance. The articles tries to evaluate how these call centers work as they are more specialized and need nurses instead of white collar clerical staff to answer the needs of the clients in this case the patients. The primary role of the nursing call center is to help as an aid in nursing not as a replacement of the traditional role.

Call centers merit attention because they are a big and growing segment of the U.S. workforce, and a key example of the separation of jobs from core business activities. Analysts differ about how large and how rapidly growing although recent estimates of the size of the U.S. call center workforce range from 2.5 million people to 6.5 Million (Benner 2002). Fundamental to these varying estimations  is the fact that call centers are not well distinct in standard industry or occupation data.

Occupationally, call Center workers cut across a range of occupations. In terms of industry, a report “found a total of 37 different broad-based industries likely to have call center operations” (Wirtz 2001).

The article states that generally the Customer Service Representatives are generalized clerical workers especially in the finance and consumer services fields where they are employed. However there some cases where the idea of knowledgeable professionals is relatively new phenomenon and has not been discussed in detail by researchers. Moreover, there have been no cross national studies comparing the similar services on a cross national basis. As a result the social consequences have been ignored to a large extent.

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