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The Effect of Training

The emergence of culture shock after the honeymoon period might impact the employee. In this period any training by the company may have an important influence in helping the expatriate cope with the shock (Harrison, 1994, 27).  However the nature of training and orientation provided to the employees varies from one organisation to the other.

Pre-departure Visit

In many organizations there is a pre-departure visit, which is for the expatriates and their spouses to orient themselves with the new environment (Solomon, 1994, 55). This allows the employees and his or her family to experience firsthand what it would be like for them in the new country. According to Black & Gregersen, (1991, 474) the visit could help in lowering uncertainties about the country and lead to reducing the culture shock.  But the visits have to be as realistic as possible rather than tourist visits of a new country, because the expatriates can perceive life in the country as unrealistic.  These misperceptions can be harmful and intensify culture shock in future as the eventual reality is very different from the perceived reality (Harrison, 1994, 30).


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