College studies are in fact a very important element of everyone’s life as it helps hone academic and other skills as to enter mainstream of job market. But there are times when one has no option than to quit college due to a number of reasons. The reasons may be lack of sufficient finances, increased responsibility due to a tough family life or other reasons. Given these circumstances you may not be excused from achieving the impossible as there have been very famous instances in the past that indicate that you can still become a successful person even without formal college education. If you raise questions as to how such a thing is possible than consider the list of multimillionaires below who quit college for their own personal reasons.

Bill Gates: The owner of Microsoft Corporation and owns billions of dollars

William Hanna: Famous cartoon producer

Michael Dell: A billionaire and founder of Dell Computers (Helium)

There are many other similar examples that prove that the ability to become successful is solely in your hands and does not count for formal mode of education.

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