Dementia is not a particular disease related to brain rather it is an after effect of a number of mental illnesses. Dementia is very common among the people who had have prolonged history of mental illnesses such as major depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s or schizoaffective disorder. Dementia affects mental abilities related to logical reasoning, impaired judgmental skills, impaired social skills, and other cognitive functions in general. People who suffer from dementia also lack the ability to solve problems and experience prominent personality changes. This article provides some types of dementia disorders. Read below to find more facts about dementia.

Cortical Dementia

This type of dementia most often affects the outer layer of the brain also called the cortex. People classified with this type of dementia are more likely to suffer from mental capabilities related to memory, thinking, disorganized language and bizarre social behavior (Helium).

Sub-Cortical Dementia

This type of dementia affects the layer of the brain below the cortex and is likely to affect mental functions related to emotion control, memory and bodily movements (Helium).

Progressive Dementia

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