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Sample Essay – Financial Management 

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INTRODUCTION: A package storage and delivery system combines of electronically controlled lockers arranged at or near customer locations. Each locker is unlocked by a courier, preferably with a short-range transceiver or transmitter carried on the courier’s person.

The customer can unlock the compartment and receive the delivered parcel. Cryptographically signed communications are employed along with nonvolatile usage logs to diminish the risk of loss of a package or deception by courier or customer.

The cells may be stackable, permitting a delivery courier to add divisions in the event a customer receives too many deliveries to fit into a single portion. Each cubicle has, of course, a physical location, and has linked with it an address code indicative of the physical location, for example by means of a legible or definite representation of the precise latitude and longitude.

Financial Management

A batch hand-carried to such a box suitably bears the address code. A merchant can considerably reduce the risk of credit card fraud by requiring the use of such codes for the straight-forward reason that a fraudulent transaction may be traced to a specific physical location. A substantial amount of airfreight consists of express-delivery bulk shipments that are carried by integrated carriers.

Integrated carriers are companies such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and DHL, all of which specialize particularly in the air transportation of small packages and the related ground collection and distribution. Such carriers fly high-value or time-sensitive parcels on airplanes that carry only such parcels.

FED-eX HISTORY: FDX Corporation is holding company for Federal Express Corporation and other businesses that provide prompt delivery of packages, letters, and other shipments within the United States and worldwide. Federal Express Corporation, also called FedEx, virtually invented the overnight-delivery industry, and within ten years rose from a startup operation to a $1 billion company.

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