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Nations all over the world are involved in trade with each other. Each country imposes certain laws on its imports so goods from other countries are not bought much by the citizens of that country. No government wants that its citizens buy goods which are produced in another country rather than buying the goods which are available in their own country.

Free trade however refers to the trading of goods and services between countries without any laws or barriers. Laws and barriers which generally hinder the process of international trade between countries are no longer there to stop trade between various countries. There are many countries of the world which want free trade to occur between their country and the rest of the world. However not every country is okay with wanting to have free trade existing in their country. This is because free trade has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some types of the barriers which do not allow trade to take place or make it difficult to take place are tariffs, import taxes and quotas which are all applied by the government to ensure that the importing of goods into their country becomes expensive and thus people do not make use of these goods. This helps in promoting the local and national goods and boosts the national economy of the country. Free trade is a factor which does not allow the promotion and/or growth of the existing, national…

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