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Sample Stem Cells Research

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The population of the world for many years has been on the rise. With an increase in the number of people on Earth, the situation has reached a point that the Earth has too many people on it; more than it can manage and support. The increase in the population of the world has been drastic. In the 1850’s, the population of the world was estimated at around 1 billion. By 1987 it had risen to 5 million which was quite a rapid increase.

World’s population is still rising rapidly. Third world nations can to some extent can  be held responsible for the rapid increase in population. There are a variety of reasons for this, the major one being their lack of awareness of birth control methods and family planning.

If the government can take it under its control to educate the masses on things such as birth control, family planning, not getting married early then the rise of population will not be as great as it is currently. The number of births taking place in the world is shocking and the number of resources available is not enough to produce goods and services for these people. Global overpopulation is certainly one of the most major problems the world has to face and there seems to be little anyone can do to prevent it from occurring and increasing at the rate at…

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