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Sample Essay – Global Warming

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When studying global warming, its effects are seen parallel to a domino effect. If someone pushes over a single domino, the rest of the dominos follow the first and fall as well. Global warming is compared to the domino effect as it something which causes a reaction to occur.

The first domino of global warming is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is what has created the CO2 effect in our atmosphere and has affected our environment. Once this blanket effect takes place, the rest of the dominos are set in motion and cause other reactions to occur.

A blanket is a piece of cloth that is used to keep things and people warm. A blanket surrounds Earth, and this blanket keeps our Earth warm to an extent that it is now warm to a dangerous extent. To set this domino effect in motion, forest fires are one way in which this can be done. These fires produce smoke, which releases carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The smoke also kills off plants that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen (Adams). The fire also causes the soil to lose its nutrients, due to which the soil does not absorb enough water and, instead, absorbs a great amount of heat. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of droughts. Not only do these fires destroy plants and the soil, they are also dangerous to the habitats and this explains the…

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