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Sample Essay – Globalisation of Beauty Industry

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Globalisation is considered to be the amalgamation of countries, markets and skills in such a way that both individuals and corporations reach other people in a more profound and faster way than ever before.

It has also led to a transformation of trade, finance and socio-cultural foundations countries worldwide so that today they more interdependent and closer to each other than ever before. And where products are more homogenised and standardised on a global scale (Levitt, 1984).

The article, “Blond and Blue-eyed? Globalizing Beauty” by Geoffrey Jones, (2008) traces the growth of beauty or cosmetics industry from its humble beginning to a truly globalised industry, with different sectors catering to different needs of consumers around the world. Jones (2008) details evolution of beauty industry and discusses the drivers and obstacles of international expansion and also the strategy adopted by different organisations to expand internationally.

Jones (2008) in his article details several drivers which led to beauty industry’s evolution from a minor industry to a global sector. Following are the drivers mentioned in the article:

  • Emergence of United States as world’s largest homogenised market
  • Positive relationship between standard of living and use of toiletries
  • Positive impact of Increase in disposable income and market growth
  • Global appeal of American cinema and International travel effect of American Culture Value
  • Economies of scale and high margins for “prestige products” and first mover’s advantage

Similarly he has pointed out several major obstacles to globalisation:

  • Difference in consumer preferences and difference consumption patterns
  • Problems with marketing and distribution; restrictions on advertisements
  • Difference in human physiology of different locations
  • Difference in governmental  regulations in different countries

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