Throughout the history human beings have been evolving and inventing tools as to assist them for their survival. In earlier times humans were merely hunters and gatherers who used to rely on hand made spears to hunt animals. As they grew and became more and more aware of how things work they invented a gun as a way to protect themselves from any danger lurking in the open jungles. Guns were made for self protection but gradually it became a weapon as to kill other human beings for personal gains. At times guns were also used in wars and battles to win over a particular territory by one group on another.

As the human race progressed and became more aware of different things by exploration and observation they invented nuclear weapons for similar purposes of overpowering the weaker races. As we go deeper into the argument humans invented the internet to be able to communicate with others anywhere in the world. But here too humans are more prone to exploiting its negative things than the positive ones by creating viruses and spywares to harm the computer systems of other people. Moreover, it is also used by many to view pornographic material.

Moving ahead humans invented an automobile for transportation purposes and save energy for other important tasks. This invention too has hit back with rising global warming and environmental pollution causing havoc in terms of increased temperatures all around the world, frequent cyclones and droughts in some more vulnerable parts of the Earth.

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