Cheating has been a problem that still exists in the society. From the old times till today teachers and students have been into fierce battles when it comes to cheating. From a teacher’s perspective it is a transgression that should be harshly punished in terms of expulsion of student or something that can hurt a student badly. In the view of students it is something that at times they have no other option to look for than to cheat. The increasing educational demands and pressures in terms of stiff competition to get straight A’s and maximum GPAs in the world of technological advancements students breakdown and opt for what is popularly known as in the academic world as ‘cheating’. In such kinds of times when there so much competition and so much burden of expectations on students it is very natural being only human beings and not robotic machines to find easier means of having papers and assignments completed through illegal means. The purpose of this article is to highlight more of these points that indicate why students opt for cheating. Below is the information that will answer the question.

Failure to Keep up With Studies

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