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Sample Essay

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With the increase in fuel prices and United States’ dependence on gasoline there is always a need in the automobile industry to produce vehicles which are not only economically priced but also  give good mileage when it comes to fuel consumption. This essay discusses hybrid cars as alternate to the conventional vehicles in use by majority automobile owners. Hybrid cars are raising the bar on automotive environmental standards, outselling industry expectations, and inducing drivers across the nation to think about their gas tanks and tailpipes. It’s a typical, fuel efficient car that has two motors, an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor.

While several types of alternative vehicles exist, hybrid cars are rapidly increasing in popularity (Mello). They are powered by both an internal combustion engine and a battery operated electric motor. Unlike other different fuel vehicles, hybrid cars use standard gasoline for refueling.  The owners fill the tank just like a traditional car however   the gas just lasts a lot longer than any conventional car.

In the hybrid cars the rationale for two motors is in the strengths and weaknesses of both types. The electric motor turns off the gasoline engine when the car is not moving.  Electric motors use no energy during the time they are idle as a result they turn off and use less fuel than gas motors at low speeds. (Mello)

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