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Sample Essay – Impact of Cigar Smoking

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Iribarren et al. (1999) state that the concentration of previous researches has been on cigarette smoking and cigar smoking has been ignored to a large extent.

While the studies that have concentrated on cigar smokers in the past, have given mixed results. Some studies have found a relationship between cigar smokers and increased risk of heart disease, while others have found no significant relationship between cigar smokers and heart disease. One study according to Iribarren et al. (1999) concludes that the degree of inhalation also determines the increased risks of these diseases.

With this background it appears that this particular study is important because it focuses on the impact of cigar smoking on men with respect to a range of diseases, including coronary heart disease, COPD, and cancer of upper aero-digestive tracts. This study is about regular smokers and its significance is in terms of increased risk for cigar smokers. But infrequent cigar smoker cannot be made a part of this group. This study had a large sample and it was longitudinal in its approach following the sample over a number of years. In addition since the medical records of all the participants were available the bias was also minimized. Secondly since all of the respondents had equal access to similar healthcare the health status and socioeconomic status were not important.  This study is able to clarify the confusion from different outcomes of previous studies, particularly in the case of men, as it is able to conclude that cigar smoking does lead to an increased risk of various diseases mentioned before.

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