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General Education Courses – The purpose of this essay is to highlight some points that why general courses are important during college studies.

Students often ask questions such as the real relevancy of general courses during college studies, where their vocational field may be entirely different from getting a decent job later. They ask why they have to study Othello or Macbeth when their mainstream academic field may be related to sciences or computers.

Why do they have to study psychology or sociology when studying other technical subjects like engineering and architecture?

It is an ongoing debate whether the inclusion of general courses in a particular vocational field is doing justice and are they really necessary to pursue since they only create hurdles and rob off important time that can be used for studying major subjects.

During high school studying various subjects is somewhat acceptable to most of the students and they do not raise such issues since high school is the time where every course is taught providing information on different educational aspects and the fact that they are not pursuing a major degree during those times.

But once in college things are different and since students are paying high tuition fee they are likely to raise such issues.  Below are some useful points for you to consider.

Better for Cognitive Development

The curricula designed for college studies is not restricted to vocational courses only as stepping stone for the job market rather the inclusion of general courses along with vocational courses provide a blend of variety as to prepare students cognitively.

For instance, a student’s major is business administration and he/she also has to study psychology which some may think is irrelevant to the vocational field but in reality it prepares students for……..

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