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When conducting business, there are many factors which must be kept in mind. Marketing is one of them. Marketing is an aspect which contributes a lot to the success of any business. The marketing of a business will determine the number of customers it will attract and the amount of sales the business makes.

Many people do not distinguish marketing from sales and think both to be the same. This however is not true. Marketing covers the advertising of the business; advertising, public relations, promotions of the product and sales all form part of the marketing for any firm. Marketing is basically used to introduce a certain product or service into the market and helps boosting sales once the product has actually been launched.

Marketers and people in charge of the advertising of a business all work in collaboration to come up with ideas and campaigns to ensure that a product is well popularized in the market and that consumers are aware of its existence. Only when consumers know of a certain product or service being available will they go out and purchase it.

Marketing can only be considered to have worked when people actually go out and buy the product which a company is selling. Effective advertising and marketing is only when a consumer takes action and decided to go ahead and buy the product being sold. If the advertisement does not create a want and desire in the consumer for that particular product, it can certainly be said that marketing was…

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