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This Physical Education essay highlights some of the disadvantages of physical education during studies.

Physical education is the part of normal curricula in some colleges and high schools. The reason for inclusion of such courses is to provide students with something other than just mainstream studies. Health is an important element in anyone’s life and it is apparent that without sound health it is almost impossible to achieve something in life. Even if one is courageous enough to carry on with bad health than it is very likely that a person may suffer from a number of difficulties and problems along the way than those who have good health. The question whether physical education should remain the part of the mainstream education is something that we will discuss later in this article. But problems related to physical education that some students may face are far worse than the benefits.

A Real Struggle

Not all students are at par and it is likely in physical education classes that some students may face difficulties in keeping with the rest of the group in a particular physical activity. Therefore it will create emotional problems for such students and may affect their sense of self worth being incompetent and ineligible to keep up with others. This pattern of embarrassment and falling behind the rest of the students is likely to repeat itself and will create a vicious circle for some students thus contributing to the lack of productivity.

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