Why do some students end up at the end in terms of getting good grades despite putting sufficient efforts writing an essay? They spend so much time selecting an interesting topic, doing research and eventually writing on the topic but all these efforts do not pay off at the end. This article will discuss why do students end up getting a low grade writing an essay, term paper, book reports or research papers and provide some useful tips to improve their grades. Keep reading the article to discover some useful tips to get a good grade.

Selecting a Good Topic

Students often end up selecting a topic that is either too difficult to approach in terms of doing research and writing or they just select something that they do not find very interesting. Topic selection is the key for writing an essay as it can make essay writing easier and interesting.

Knowing the Purpose

Once an interesting topic has been selected knowing the purpose of writing an essay comes next. Unless a student does not know whether he/she is writing to inform or educate the audience or persuade them about an issue or personal perspective how can they approach writing an essay in a well organized and structured way. It is very important for students to have a well defined objective and purpose to write an essay.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

Writing an essay providing lot of information on a topic is not sufficient to get a good grade as minor errors such as spelling and grammar too play a major role. It is very important for every student to revise over and over once an essay has been completed.

These are some of the most important factors to consider ensuring a top grade when writing an essay.

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