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Film Review

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Historically the first impact of the human presence on Earth’s geographical and biological systems occurred about 8,000 years ago, when individuals began to systematically cultivate land for agricultural purposes. However the initial impact was not as severe or drastic as the one which occurred in the 1700s. The industrial revolution has been supported and encouraged by the values which have led to glorifying consumption and economic development. (American Geophysical Union)

It is a fact that this planet is heating up because of the human society and the greenhouse gases produced. According to the both The National Academy of Sciences and the United Nation have come to the conclusion that there is a relationship between human actions and the temperature increases. (Clark 1013) According a joint statement by G8 in addition to China, India and Brazil, that stated that scientific evidence was quite remarkable and there was no way for the nations but to take actions to stop this destruction. (Clark 1013)

The reality is that if people keep on emitting greenhouse gases at this rate, atmospheric temperatures will keep on increasing, and the effect will be felt for generations in future. According to _________ even strict actions like Kyoto Protocol may be able to control the increasing carbon dioxide after a centaury at the minimum.

According to Clark (1013) Research on ice cores by Fedorov et al. (2005) detailing the relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature going back more then 400, 000 years has displayed that there is a strong correlation between carbon dioxide and temperatures. Studies show that historically there was never a time when there was so much carbon dioxide as now in addition the increase in carbon dioxide concentration has increased most rapidly in the past hundred years or so. (Clark 1014)


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