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With the type of technology available today and the type of advancements made in science, it is possible for a terminally ill patient to stay alive for a long time. This can be done either with the consent of the patient or without it. Who ever said that suicide is against what religion teaches? And who got to decide that suicide is a sin?

Opinion polls have shown that people from all types of religion would like a change in the law of euthanasia. Roman Catholics have been seen to support euthanasia more than opposing it. A poll carried out in Scotland showed that 50% of Roman Catholics supported euthanasia rather than being opposed to it. This was despite the church being opposed to euthanasia (Religion and the Right to die). Even now, the United States considers euthanasia to be illegal. Only the state of Oregon allows assisted suicide to be conducted.

Most policies of the church are against euthanasia. The Roman Catholic Church is seen to be the largest to oppose euthanasia. Amongst all the institutions which pool in their resources to fight against euthanasia, the Roman Catholic Church is the largest and which invests the most amount of money. (R&RD).

In the society’s today, there are very few churches which stop passive euthanasia; where if the patient refuses to get treatment or if…

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