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Over the past few years, an increasing number of people have started exercising. This is because many of them have realized the benefits of health exercises and people are now more compliant to the advice their doctor provides them with. Exercise is done mostly by athletes and those involved in sports. Proper health care and exercises are vital for everyone but particularly for athletes in order for them to keep fit.

If athletes are not aware of the type of exercises they should be doing in order to train and warm up and if they do not pay attention to the way in which the exercise is carried out, they could end up getting sports injuries. Most sport injuries are not long lasting; they can be cured over a period of time depending on how bad the injury is. Sporting injuries are common to every sport however if care and precaution is taken by the athlete, there is no reason why an athlete cannot remain healthy and fit throughout his/her sporting career.

There are various types of sports injuries which can occur to a sportsman. The most common form of injury related to sports is a sprain. A sprain is usually caused when a muscle is pulled. This causes a slight discomfort when walking and therefore running or taking part in exercise becomes almost close to impossible. Sometimes people pull their muscle to such an extent that it causes a fracture. A fracture usually takes a very long time to heal and moving that particular part of the body…

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