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There are some things in life which you realize over a period of time and then there are things which just hit you and make you decide on some issues which you never bothered to think about and never thought them important enough.

As a child and an adolescent I went through life very casually, sailing through classes getting average grades and not caring much about it. When I think about it now, I am sure that if I had put in a little more effort and was more responsible, I could have been on honor roll or skipped a grade.  The problem with me was that I was too lazy.

In my 9th grade I started to relax even more than usual. I slowed down to a point that the only thing that interested me was having a good time and not really caring what was happening. My school homework became irregular and I started skipping school by making excuses at home.  Finally one day my mother got a call from school and she had a meeting with my teacher. Even then I was clueless as to what was happening as I was having a good time. Before Christmas holidays I got the grades and what I saw shocked me. I was stunned to see that there were all “Fs” in the grade sheet. I never thought I would ever fail all my subjects.

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