Reflective essays are way different from academic essays as the purpose of these kinds of essays is to reveal something about you. Reflective essays are often required for college entrance as various colleges require you to write something on your life experiences so that they can judge you whether you are eligible for admission or not. Years of formal academic writing in high school and college can indeed make it difficult to write an effective reflective essay as you do not really know or understand what you can write about yourself. The purpose of this article is to exactly guide you with this very problem and open you to various possibilities so that you can write with purpose and objective in mind. Below are some ideas for you to take into consideration.

Reflections from the Past

In your reflective essay you can discuss an event or something that caused problems for you and you eventually overcame it. In other words you can reveal the obstacles you faced to reach where you are at the moment. You can share how a particular event or bad times changed you as a person.

Your Inspirations

All of us have someone we really look forward to in terms of inspiration and guidance. You can discuss that personality who inspired you in your life. Someone you really admire and who is always there for you when the going is bad. Someone who gives you a helping hand when things are bleak and out of control.

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