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There are many businesses today which do not operate in just one particular country. It is very common for a business to carry out its business dealings in more than one country and this type of a business may be called an international business or a global business.

When a business operates in more than one country, it allows a large number of people to make use of its goods and services. People can avail the advantages of that particular business and everyone would get an equal chance at enjoying the products a business provides. For a business to be able to deal on an international level, it needs to go through a certain number of obstacles. These obstacles are not easy to pass through and take much time, effort and money. There are many businesses however which are equipped with the technology and finances required for a business to operate at an international level.  For these businesses, making it to the international market and surviving is usually not so difficult.

A business which has many branches, there is one country known as the home country where the business keeps its headquarters. The countries in which a business has its branches are known as the host countries. The management for every country’s branch is different as each country has its own particular laws as far as conducting business is concerned.

When a company is able to have its branches in different countries, many of them start a branch in a country which is not so expensive as far as its labor is concerned. Every business wants to lower its costs and increase its profits. If in a country where land and labor is cheap…

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